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Set or Release Retainage on a Subcontractor Invoice

 For Procore Customers in the United States

flag-us.png  When your company applies the 'Owners English' or 'Specialty Contractors English' point-of-view dictionary, you'll see different tool names and term changes in the user interface. Learn how to apply the dictionary options. 

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    • This table shows the differences in tool names (bold) and terms across the point-of-view dictionaries for Project Financials. These dictionaries are available in US English only. The default dictionary is designed for general contractors, which means that you will need to work with your Procore Administrator at your company and your Procore point of contact to access the other dictionary options. 

      General Contractors

      English (United States) - Default


      English (Owner Terminology V2)

      Specialty Contractors

      English (Specialty Contractor Terminology)

      Invoicing Invoicing Progress Billings
      Owner Funding Owner
      Owner/Client Owner/Client GC/Client
      Prime Contract Change Order Funding Change Order Client Contract Change Order
      Prime Contracts Funding Client Contracts
      Revenue Funding Revenue
      Subcontract Contract Subcontract
      Subcontractor Contractor Subcontractor
      Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV) Contractor Schedule of Values (CSOV) Subcontractor Schedule of Values (SSOV)


To set or release retainage for line items on a subcontractor invoice from the Project level Invoicing tool. 


In Procore, the term Retainage refers to the practice of withholding of a portion of a contract amount until the work is deemed satisfactorily complete. The withheld amount is specified in an agreement between the contracting party (the party paying for the work) and a contracted party (the person or company performing the work).  A common practice is to withhold 5-10% of a contract's total value until a milestone is reached. Then, the withheld amount can be released as a progress payment. When work is substantially complete, the withheld amount can be released as a final payment. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To set and release retainage when editing the most recent invoice before, during, or after the billing period's 'Due Date':
    • To release retainage when editing the most recent invoice during the current billing period:
      • You must have 'Standard' level permissions on the Project level Commitments tool. 
      • You must be added to the 'Private' drop-down list on the commitment. 
    • Read about required user permissions for downstream collaborators: Show/Hide  
      • Some Procore customers choose to provide their downstream collaborators with access to the Project level Commitments tool:
        • To modify retainage amounts on the most recent invoice before the billing period's 'Due Date':
          • You must be an invoice contact on the commitment.   
          • You must have 'Read Only' level permissions on the Project level Commitments tool. 
  • Additional Information:
    • If there are multiple invoices for a single billing period, you can only edit the billed amounts on the most recent invoice.
    • If you are adding a payment schedule after the invoice is approved, enter the amount for the work you are claiming this period in the 'Proposed Amount' column of the invoice detail. To learn more, see Create a Payment Schedule
    • You can also manage withholding using the sliding scale retention feature. To learn more, see What is sliding scale retention?
    • To learn how to create an invoice to release retainage on a final billing, see Create a Subcontractor Invoice for Release of Retainage


Place the Invoice SOV in Edit Mode

  1. Navigate to the project's Invoicing tool.
  2. Click the Subcontractor tab. 
  3. In the table, locate the invoice that you want to edit.
  4. Click the Invoice # link to open it. 
  5. Scroll to the Schedule of Values section.
  6. Click the Edit button.

Set and Release Retainage on SOV Line Items