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Approve a Timesheet


To approve a timesheet in the project's Timesheets tool.


Timesheets are designed to be filled out by a foreman or superintendent in the field. Once the timesheets are filled out, they generally need to be reviewed for accuracy (e.g. are the hours correct, is overtime being applied properly, is the time coded to the correct cost code) before being sent to accounting at the end of each week. This feature enables a supervisor to review and approve a timesheet submitted by a foreman for his crew(s) to ensure readiness for payroll and increase accountability with time entries.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the project's Timesheets tool.
  • Additional Information:
    • Once a timesheet is created, the Status automatically defaults to 'Pending approval.'
    • Once a timesheet has been 'Approved,' it will need to be unlocked and 'Unapproved' in order to be edited.
    • If you see 'Individual Entries' listed on a timesheet, time was entered in the Company Timecard, Daily Log or My Time tools and can only be 'Approved' in the Company Timesheets tool.





  1. Navigate to the project's Timesheets tool.
  2. Locate the timesheet you want to approve.
    • If a date is not selected, all timesheets will be listed.
    • You can select a date range in order to see all timesheets for a certain time period.
  3. Click Approve. 
    Note: The timesheet will become editable once the timesheet is 'Unapproved' and the status changes to 'Pending approval.'

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