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Create a Deficiency List Item with Quick Capture (Android)

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To create deficiency list items using the Quick Deficiency feature on the Procore Android app.


Quick Capture allows you to record short videos of issues on the job site and convert the videos into deficiency items from an iOS device. While recording a video, you can verbally describe what you are seeing and the audio will be transcribed to automatically populate the deficiency item's Title and Description fields. You can also say the name of a trade (that already exists in your Procore account) during the recording and Quick Capture will attempt to populate the deficiency item's Trade field.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Deficiency List tool.
      Note: While 'Standard' level users can create deficiency list items, they cannot assign a deficiency list item unless they have been granted special permission to act as the Deficiency Item Manager. 
      • 'Admin' level users have complete control of deficiency list items and can edit and update any assignee response.
      • 'Standard' level users can view all responses, but can only update their response if they are listed as an assignee on the deficiency list item.
        Note: 'Standard' level users can only list a Deficiency Item Manager as the assignee on a deficiency list item.
      • 'Read Only' level users cannot be assigned a deficiency list item.
  • Additional Information:
    • Deficiency list items can be assigned to multiple persons.
    • To assign a deficiency list item to a person, the user must:
    • Once an initial notification has been sent, selected Assignees will receive daily notifications of overdue items via email; email notifications will end after 45 days. 
    • Deficiency list item types cannot be created when creating a deficiency list item. Types must be created by an 'Admin' user in the tool's configuration settings before a type can be selected when creating a new deficiency list item. See Configure Advanced Settings: Deficiency List.


  • Your Android device must be configured to allow the Procore app to access the device's 'Camera', and 'Microphone' features. When you open Quick Capture for the first time, the Procore app will automatically prompt you to allow it to access these features.


  1. Navigate to the Deficiency List tool using the Procore app on an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the Add icon-plus-quick-create-mobile2.png icon and then tap Quick Capture: Deficiency.
    The in-app user guide will load automatically the first time you use Quick Capture. After this, tap the information icon-info-with-bkgd-android.svg icon to review the in-app user guide again as needed.
  3. Optional: Tap the Location icon-quick-capture-location-ios.png icon to choose a location for the deficiency item(s) you want to create with Quick Capture, and then tap Save. You can change the location later if necessary when reviewing the deficiency items.
  4. Optional: On supported devices, tap the flashlight icon-flashlight.png icon to turn on your device's flashlight for the duration of your recording.
  5. Tap the record deficiency item icon-record-punch-ios.png button to begin recording a deficiency item.
    Note: Each recording can be a maximum of 40 seconds long.
  6. While recording, describe the deficiency item out loud.
  7. Tap the record deficiency item icon-record-punch-ios.png button again to finish recording.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for each deficiency item you want to create using Quick Capture.
  9. When you are done recording deficiency items, tap Review [#] Items.
  10. In the Quick Capture Items menu, tap the deficiency item you want to send to the deficiency list in the project's Deficiency List tool.
  11. On the Create Deficiency Item screen, review or update the information in the following fields:
    Note: The list of required fields may differ than what you would see when manually inputting a deficiency item. See How does data entry differ between deficiency items created with manual input and deficiency items created with Quick Capture?
    • Title: This field is populated with the first words from the recorded audio. Tap the text box to make any changes.
      Note: This field will show the first 255 characters.
    • Description: This is populated with the entirety of the recorded audio. Tap the text box to make any changes.
    • Location: This field is populated with the location selected prior to the deficiency item's recording. If you want to change the location (or you did not select one before), tap the field to open the locations menu and select a location to associate with the deficiency item.
    • Trade: Trade selections are managed in the Procore web application in the Company level Admin tool. See Add a Custom Trade.
    • Assignees: Tap this field to select one or more users to assign to the deficiency item. Users need 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the project's Deficiency List tool to be added as an Assignee.
    • Type: Tap this field to select a deficiency item type to associate with the deficiency item. Type selections are managed in the Procore web application in the project's Deficiency List tool. See Create Deficiency Item Types.
      Note: If Type was set in your default settings, that Type will automatically be added to the deficiency item.
    • Deficiency Item Manager: This field is populated with the project's Default Deficiency Item Manager.
    • Final Approver: This field is populated with the project's Default Final Approver.
  12. Tap Send to Deficiency to send the deficiency item to the project's Deficiency List tool.
    Note: The deficiency item is only created after you tap Send to Deficiency.
  13. Repeat steps 9-12 for each deficiency item you want to create.
  14. Tap the back arrow < to return to the Deficiency List tool.