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About the Prime Contracts Tool


To learn about the options you can use when working with prime contracts in the Prime Contracts tool. 


The table in the project's Prime Contracts tool lists all of the prime contracts on your project. The features available in this tab also provide you with:

  • Control over your contract's row and column configurations. Optimize your tool's workspace by changing the width and height of the table's rows. You can also easily show and hide the columns of your choice, quickly change the column sorting, automatically size one or all columns and pin columns to keep them in place on your page. 
  • Powerful filtering capabilities to analyze your contract data.  Apply filters to improve your ability to analyze your contract financials. When applying a filter, Procore shows only the line items that meet your criteria and hides the line items that don't. You can then export or print your data with the filters you've applied. 
  • Convenient data grouping options. Take a focused look at important subpopulations by bundling your contracts together in categories. Want to see all your contacts in the 'Draft' status or all the contracts for a specific company? You can apply one are all the grouping options to the table in the Prime Contracts tool and rearrange the way your contracts data is nested. 
  • Streamlined viewing and navigation experience for greater insight into large contract sets. The Prime Contracts tool provides you with the best possible viewing and navigation experience to save you time jumping around to look at data. 

Things to Consider 

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Read Only' level permissions or higher on the project's Prime Contracts tool. 
      • To perform certain tasks, you may need additional user access permissions.
      • To learn about the required user permissions for each task, see a tutorial link below. 





The table below summarizes all of the tasks that you can perform with the features in the project's Prime Contracts tool. To create and view reports using data from your project's Prime Contracts tool, use the Project level Reports tool. See Create a Custom Project Report

  Feature Description To learn more…
1 Prime Contracts Lists all of the prime contracts in your Procore project. You can create one (1) or multiple prime contracts for per project. 
2 Export Prime Contracts List  Exports a list of all prime contracts as a Microsoft Word (DOCX) file or a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
3 Create Button Create new prime contracts for your project. You can create one (1) or multiple prime contracts on each Procore project. 
4 Search Click the icon-search.png magnifying glass to expand the search field. Then enter your keywords and press ENTER or click the icon-search.png magnifying glass again to initiate your search. 
5 Filters Apply filter options to your contracts table. 
6 Sorting Click the BLUE arrow on a column to apply the ascending or descending sort order. 
7 Overflow Menu Hover your mouse cursor over a column until the More menu appears. Then click it to see your options. 
8 Grouping Select one or more columns to group the data in your contracts table. 
9 Table Settings Click the Table Settings button to open a pane on the right side of the table where you can manage row size, column display and more. 
10 Contract Number Hyperlink Click the contract number hyperlink to open the corresponding prime contract. 
11 Owner/Client Hyperlink Click the owner/client hyperlink to open the corresponding company record in the project's Directory tool. 
12 Prime Contract Status View the status of a prime contract inline. 
13 Expand Click the BLUE arrow on a prime contract line item to open an expanding drawer that lists any change orders associated with your prime contract. Click the arrow again to close the drawer. 
12 View Change Orders If your contract has any associated change orders, you can click the down arrow to expand the table to show the associated change orders. 
  • If you have the required user permissions to the Change Orders tool, you can also follow the steps in View Change Orders.
15 Change Order Status View the status of a prime contract change order. 
  • If you have the required user permissions to the Change Orders tool, you can also change status when editing a change order. See Edit a Change Order.
16 Grand Totals View grand totals for all of the currency- and number-formatted columns in your table. 


If you would like to learn more about Procore’s prime contract software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction contract management software product page here.