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Configure Settings: Project Admin


To configure settings for the project's Admin tool. 


The options in the Project Settings menu give you the ability to configure a variety of advanced settings for a project.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:


To learn about your options, click a link below:

Configure Project Settings

Under Project Settings, click a link to perform the following tasks:

Project Settings Click this link... To perform these tasks... 
admin-project-settings-menu.png General

Update General Project Information

Enable ERP Job Cost Transaction Syncing on a Procore Project

Active Tools Add and Remove Project Tools
Work Breakdown Structure 1 Create Your Project's Work Breakdown Structure
Working Days Set Project Working Days

Add Tiered Locations to a Project

Edit Tiered Locations

Delete Tiered Locations

Spec Sections 2

Add Spec Sections to the Admin Tool

Import Spec Sections to the Admin Tool

Edit Spec Sections in the Admin Tool

Delete Spec Sections from the Admin Tool


Add Tiered Locations to a Project

Edit Tiered Locations

Delete Tiered Locations from a Project

Classifications Enable Classifications on a Project
Equipment Add Equipment
Webhooks Configure Project Webhooks
Unit Quantity Based Budget Set Up a Labour Budget to Actual Report

1 Cost code, cost type, and the optional sub job segment are part of Procore's Work Breakdown Structure. For the 'Sub Jobs' segment to appear, your company's Procore Administrator must enable the sub job feature. See Enable Sub Jobs on Projects for WBS

2 The 'Spec Sections' link only appears when the Project level Specifications tool is NOT an active tool on the project. 

Tool Configuration

To learn about the options in the Tool Configuration menu, see the links below:

Note: These options only appear if the corresponding tool is active on the project. See Add and Remove Project Tools

Tool Configuration Click this link... To perform these tasks...
admin-project-level-tool-configuration.png Home Update the Project Home Settings
Emails Configure Advanced Settings: Emails
Tendering Edit Project Tendering Configuration
Deficiency List Configure Advanced Settings: Deficiency List
Documents Configure Advanced Settings: Project Documents


  1. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
    Note: The Permissions Table page automatically opens.
  2. Set the user's access permission level for the tool by clicking the icon in the desired column so a GREEN checkmark appears:
  3. The color-coded icons in the user permissions area denotes the user's access permission level to the tool. To learn more, see What are the default permission levels in Procore?

    Icon Colour Definition
    green-check.png GREEN The user has been granted this access permission level to the tool.
    red-x.png RED The user has NOT been granted this access permission to the tool.
    grey-x.png GREY The user is either a Procore Administrator or has been granted permissions to the Procore tools on this project using a permissions template (see What is a permissions template?). To change the user's permission level to this tool, see Manage Project Permissions Templates.

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